Sunday, 26 June 2011

This Is My e-Scrapbook, Where Is Yours?

This is my first time e-scrapbook project with imaginary home as its theme. As you see, there are two trees inside the house, and I don't care about the trees inside, because it is my imaginary home, not yours.

I don't know how to add the swf file to this blog, so I just put some layouts and picture of my e-scrapbook.

That is the layout. If you click the curtain, love envelopes, or my head, it's gonna happen like this.

The most LOL part is when the curtain's up, you'll find 3 year old me dancing like stupid.


Cendy Mirnaz said...

ucuuk beneer reeentul

Irena Riyadi said...

mhihihihi, makacih centul :3