Monday, 29 August 2011

Mood Swing

It's almost 3 AM. Me sitting in front of my laptop, on my bed. Something's called "mood swing" just hit me. I'm neither sad nor happy. Whereas, life's going much better now. Everything seems just fine. I'm surrounded by lovely friends, warm family, and a nice lover. Or maybe, I am distracted with some kind of future problems. Future? For Real? Uhm, I guess it's about heart! Haha, now I sound like a teenager (what? I'm still a teenager!).

I think about my heaviest problem and have no idea to solve it. But, it's not about how big my problem is. It's about my point of view. People think I'm happy as hell, hilarious like stupid, but deep inside (I'm going to laugh while writing this part) I can't express my sadness to public. Why? I don't know. I pretend to act like usual, I make some stupid jokes. Because, that's the only way to release those feelings. Gosh, the only way? For God's sake, please say there's another way. What? No way? NO! WAAAY! I think, I'm talking shit now. See, I'm not good with expressing my emotions. Okay, my real problem is.. I CAN'T PLAY THE SIMS SOCIAL ON FACEBOOK! Hit a snag, hit a snag. Whatever.

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